Visualize CLI Data Like Never Before

CLI history, alerts, and changes with enhanced user collaboration

Exclusive Features

It's All About the Experience

Tired of "stare and compare" sessions where you feel like you're looking at "the Matrix" instead of taking action?
Let CLVR CLI do the heavy lifting for you by visualizing CLI text with alerts, changes, and histo-graphs.

Change Detection

Want to know what changed? Just refesh the command and CLVR shows you what changed. And it doesn't even require a definition file.

CLI History

As you use CLVR CLI, variable history is maintained locally. Selecting any active variable will visualize the history in a graph or table.

Threshold Detection

Want to know what's not normal? Run a command and CLVR will highlight alerts for you and allow you to move between them with ease.


Stop repeatedly collecting the same data. Share your session files and notes with other CLVR users and they see exactly what you see.

Simple UI

Work the way you always do, just better. Automation assistance saves more than 50% of your time collecting and analyzing data.

Expense It

Stop evaluating enterprise software that costs millions of dollars. Get 90% of their value for the cost of a single device on their "platform".

How it works?

Introducing CLVR CLI
Automation Assistance for CLI Outputs

Take ordinary CLI text output and give is some color.
CLVR CLI records history, detects changes, and triggers alerts without changing your workflow.

Our Pricing Plans

Everything's Included

CLVR CLI is available as a subscription. We offer a steep discount if you purchase 3-years in advance.
After Installation, you'll download the desired definition files from the Cloud and you're up and running.

  • Professional Plan

  • $129/ yr

  • 1 Year of Updates

  • Unlimited Devices

  • Session Sharing

  • OSX, Windows, iOS, Linux

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  • Advantage Plan

  • $199/ 3yr

  • 3 Year of Updates

  • Unlimited Devices

  • Session Sharing

  • OSX, Windows, iOS, Linux

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Years of Experience

DevOps for You

Creating definition files is as simple process.

1. Turn on edit mode,
2. Set a variable active.
3. Set thresholds with If this THEN that logic
4. Save and Share.

Save the Headaches

Avoid long pilots, trials, and hair pulling justification meetings.

Get 80% of the value in enterprise tools from a CLVR CLI subscription, and expense it!

About Our App

Command Line Visualization Robot

We are setting the bar for a new category of consumer level CLI console software. Command Line Visualization will enhance a very effective, yet inefficient set of tools for Network Engineers and System Administrators known as the command line console.

CLVR CLI will bring automation assistance to any user with a simple, no-code client application. Users are one-click away from visualizing CLI history, changes, and threshold alerts.

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